Saturday, November 7, 2009

Coffee at Starbucks?

You will find me at Starbucks quite often only because it is one of the most centrally located coffee shops in the Bonn city centre. Also, it is one of the places that is ideal for idling. Ideal because it provides the perfect set up for a Sunday afternoon when you can't think of a place to go but would still like to go someplace other than the house which only reminds you of cleaning and vacuuming. I have killed numerous hours there - reading, clicking pics of random people, of coffee mugs, of passers-by. I have spent several unyielding minutes waiting for friends who have agreed to Starbucks as the meeting point. I have been introduced to many new people and have bumped into others whose names I was close to forgetting. And on all of these occassions, I have guiltily devoured many milky, creamy cups of capuccinos and frappes. Ocassionally, I have also given into extreme indulgence and got myself one of those sinful pieces of bliss with an equally irresistible name.

It was on one such dull Sunday afternoon which I spent on one of those green couches that I treated myself to this.

30cmX 30 cm
Acrylic painting on canvas
Available for Euro 75 + Shipping

To buy this painting, please send me an email


  1. Tareef-e-kabil
    aapke haath me jaadu hai...
    simply amazing.

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