Monday, December 30, 2019

Jaipur diaries. Page 5. 

Pillars and arches - transforming a simple verandah into a magical place! Each pillar perfectly rounded, engulfed in beautifully shaped petals at the base and the top - each one a work of art. It was almost meditative to draw each one, though with imperfect lines and proportions.

Jaipur, you are gorgeous and I miss you!

#jaipurdiaries #jaipur #jaipurarchitecture #rajasthan

Ink and acrylic on paper


  1. Dear Ambika, these images are amazing. I wanted to ask is it possible to use one of them as an illustration in a book crediting your name?

    1. Hello, I am sorry that I am seeing this message only now. I never got to know about this message and discovered it accidentally today. Are you still interested?

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