Tuesday, December 22, 2020

 Have you ever gradually fallen in love

Not the explosive kind

Not that frantic torrent

But nice and slow

A rhythmic motion

One day at a time

My story started with the Rhine

On that languid summer

When I stumbled upon it!

The walks turned into years

It's little details etched into

The corners of the heart by now

After a decade still here

Falling in love a little everyday.

- Sudipta Mahapatra

Acrylic on canvas, 20x25cm, Available


That summer eons ago

When you and me met across the fields

To the aroma of magnolia and daisies

Cheerful laughter all around

That summer of buttercups and honeyed hearts,

was it real or an illusion!

As my memory plays tricks in these last days

I often hear you

And see the house where our dreams had a place

And we lived with abandon.

- Sudipta Mahapatra

Acrylic on canvas, 20x20cm, Available

 A sea of Red..

The sea of red, 

Intoxicating, fiery

Shades of passion

Blending into the late autumn colors!

- Sudipta Mahapatra

Acrylic on canvas

20x20cm, available

 Fertile golden islands, floating on a silver sea...

- The poems of Shelley

50x 70cm

Acrylic on canvas


 Keep Calm and Sail on!

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 Jaipur Diaries. Page 8.

If you go to the 'Johari Bazar' and manage to look up from those tempting shops with tantalizing jewelry and enticing clothes, you will see these rooftops - above the beautifully painted shop names - in the 'pink' that lends its name to the city.

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 Jaipur Diaries. Page 7.

Another 'Chattri' that took my heart away. Love the drooping pointed corners, the spikes and the panels - everything dripping with beauty and symmetry!

Acrylic and pen on paper. A3.

#jaipurdiaries #jaipur #jalmahal #rajasthan #waterpalace #waterpalacejaipur #padharomharedes

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